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Andres Makes Magic out of Leftovers; Flay Does St. Patty's Day

In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Jose Andres makes magic out of leftovers, Kim Severson talks about her competitive relationship with Ruth Reichl, Bobby Flay cooks a traditional St. Patty's Day feast, and much, much, more!

1) Tony Bourdain Goes to Provence. The new promo for the next No Reservations is up. Tony will be going back to his spiritual homeland, Provence, France for the episode. Looks like Bourdain botches the preparation of a classic French meal on his trip:

2) The Flayster Gets a Touch of The Irish: Future NBC reality show star Bobby Flay stopped by the Early Show this morning to cook a corned beef for St. Patty's Day. Bobby's recipe starts off as a traditional preparation of the dish, then kicks it up a notch with the addition bacon, roasted shallots, and southwest seasoning:

3) Kim Severson Talks About Women Chefs: NYT scribe Kim Severson recently wrote a book called Spoon Fed about the female chefs that have influenced her career as a food writer. In this video promo for the book, she talks about her envious relationship with Ruth Riechl and the difficulties that female chefs face as players in the culinary world:

4) Rocco Talks About the Inspiration Behind His Book: Yeah, it's Rocco DiSpirito Day here at Eater— but seriously, the man is having a moment right now. In this clip from a local morning show, Rocco talks about how the recipes in his new chart-topping book, Now Eat This! were inspired by recommendations from his twitter followers and his experience on the Biggest Loser:

5) Jose Andres Makes Magic out of Leftovers: Jose Andres was in his silly mode this morning on the Today Show, demonstrating how to make a Castilian garlic soup out of leftover kitchen ingredients:

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