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Minute To Win It Unleashed Upon Apathetic Nation

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After months and months (and months) of anticipation, Guy Fieri's new NBC game show Minute to Win It finally hit the airwaves last night, in a big primetime premiere event. Did America tune into to watch two hours of games like Don't Blow The Joker, Bite Me, and Cantagious, led by America's #1 Original Kulinary Gantgsta?

No. No, they didn't. Variety reports that MI2WI boasted "credible" numbers, landing in second place behind 60 Minutes from 7-8pm, and The Amazing Race in the 8-9pm slot. For a premiere as hyped as MI2WI, these kind of numbers do not bode well for the show's future.

Now, let's get one thing straight: Guy Fieri did a fine job as host. He kept the energy up (as much as he could), interacted nicely with the contestants, and presided over the stage with grace and confidence, like a worldy king in his court. But the big problem with the show was it was just plain boring (a word that is not in Guy Fieri's vocabuluary). No one challenge was more interesting than any other other, and it took forever to get to some actual gameplay, what with all the banter, rule-explanations, and general time-filler.

Hopefully, Guy has a few tricks up his sleeve that can help save the show from swift cancellation. Perhaps he can bust out some of his crazy knife skills, or incorporate his sweet cherry-red hot rod in a challenge, or call up some of his buddies from 'NSync. Or somehow involve more food or cooking into the show— that's what he's famous for anyway.
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