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Top Chef Heads To Washington D.C. For Season 7

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The folks at Bravo have yet to make it official, but the Washington Post's gossip column reports that the new season of of Top Chef will be filming in Washington D.C. The city seems like a perfect pick — not only does it have a massive Whole Foods, but there are also a lot of former cheftestants who live in the area, and of course, there's the whole Obama factor. We know that Michelle loves cooking competition shows. With the program practically filming in her backyard, maybe we'll see Michelle pop up as a guest judge, or a segment where the cheftestants pick produce from the White House garden, or an episode where Sasha and Malia reveal the ingredients for a quickfire challenge, in unison.

Filming will begin in April. No info has been released yet on the identity of the cheftestants, but we did find out that the girl from Titanic will be a guest judge. As soon as any more news breaks on the casting, the filming locations, the other guest judges, Padma's haircut, etc, etc, we'll let you know.
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