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Kristin Stewart, Jay Leno & Guy Fieri Engage In Hanky Panky

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Last night Guy Fieri stopped by The Tonight Show to plug his new game show Minute to Win It (premiering this Sunday!), joining previous guest Kristin Stewart on the Leno couch. The Spikey One chatted a bit about running his two (insane) Northern California restaurants Johnny Garlic's and Tex Wasabi's, and also the game show, his new Food Network show, his muscle cars, etc. But, the real gem of Fieri's segment was when he got Jay and Kristin to participate in one of MI2WI's ridiculous challenges, Hanky Panky. The game involves pulling tissues out of a box as fast as you can. If you listen carefully, you can hear Guy whispering "You own this" into Stewart's ear at the start. Creepy!

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