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The Ten Best Headlines About Booby Cheese

As we all know by now, New York chef Daniel Angerer recently started serving a cheese at his restaurant, Klee Brasserise, made from his wife's breast milk. In the few days since this news broke, the story has been picked up by many media outlets both big and small, and the cheese its self has made several appearances on national television. With all the attention this strange story is getting, there are bound to be a few good headlines.

Here now, is a list of the Ten Best Booby Cheese Headlines from around the world:

10)That cheese tastes like 38-DD! [The Trentonian]
9) 'Human Cheese' Ma: Don't Have A Cow! [NYP]
8) NY Chef Offers Mam Cheese Canapes [Register]
7) Breast Milk Cheese: The Forbidden Fromage [Gothamist]

6) Breast-Milk Cheese ? The Ultimate in Local Sourcing? [SF Weekly]
5) N.Y. Chef Keeps Abreast of Food Trends With Mother's-Milk Cheese [USA Today]
4) Brace Yourself for the Mother of All Cheeses [The Guardian]
3)Cheesy Chef Cooking With Wife's Breast Milk [The Big Money]
2) Soylent Green is.... "Human Cheese"? [Lone Star Times]
1) Breast Milk Cheese Mom: Bon Appe-teat! [CBS News]