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Inside the Magical World of Katie Lee; Pulino's Square Slices

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KATE LEE—Today, former food critic Frank Bruni pens a profile of Katie Lee for The Times Magazine called "How To Cook Up A Food Celebrity." Apparently Ms. Lee filmed a TV pilot which she didn't like and subsequently scrapped, but is now working with Hollywood schlockmeister Brett Ranter on a new project to shop around town. [Times Magazine]

NEW YORKThe gang over at Eater NY finally gets into the hotly anticipated Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria (now doing friends and family) and even samples some of Nate Appleman's food. The big pizza cutting surprise that Nate hinted at last week? Square cut slices.That's right people, many of the pizza slices won't even have crusts. Do click over to Eater NY for some sweet new shots from inside the McNally/Appleman mothership. [Eater NY]

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