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Private Chefs of Beverly Hills To Feature Dog Food,"Glamping"

A few weeks ago, The Food Network officially announced their new food reality show The Private Chefs of Beverly Hills would be hitting airwaves this spring. Now, via press release, we get a premiere date (April 9), and also a few new juicy details on what sounds like a truly, truly bizarre show. Here's a bit of language:

"With a litany of outrageous requests coming in to Big City Chefs owner Tom Stieber, each episode features the chefs tackling assignments like cooking for both humans and canines in a doggy spa, injecting flavor into a salon’s Botox party, pampering young millionaire’s glamorous camping (or “glamping”) trip, indulging aging 80’s hair rockers intent on living the rock ‘n roll lifestyle, and becoming unwitting participants in a medieval murder mystery party held behind the stone walls of Los Angeles’ only Scottish castle. The cast includes six chefs with varied culinary expertise and backgrounds."
And what about those six chefs? Here's the full list:

·Brian Hill, Top Chef Season 1 competitor,
·Jesse Brune, star of Bravo's Workout.
·Manouschka Guerrier, former model turned chef.
·Stuart O’Keeffe, Tupperware spokesperson.
·Sasha Perl-Raver, freelance food journalist and chef.
·Brooke Peterson, host of a web cooking series.

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