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Whale Sushi Joint May Shutter; NYC Finally Has Good Coffee

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LOS ANGELES— Eater LA has an update on the Japanese restaurant that was busted by the filmmakers from The Cove for serving whale sushi. An animal rights activist showed up at a city council meeting and suggested that the City Attorney terminate their business license on the grounds of illegal activity. The politician agreed to look into the matter, and will report back on the issue at the next meeting in two weeks. [Eater LA]

NEW YORK— Today the NYT runs a list of the 30 best coffee shops in NYC, arguing that the city's java scene has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Naturally, Blue Bottle's Brooklyn outpost (which just opened today) made the cut, as did the Manhattan location of Portland's Stumptown. [NYT]

FAST FOOD LAND — Jack in the box is retooling their french fry recipe. The new version will be crispier, and stay hot for longer. [NRN]

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