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SoBe NoteBook: Day Five; The Frightening Future Of Food

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SOUTH BEACH —The celeb chefs came, they saw, they drank, they schmoozed, and now, they've gone home. Yes, the final day of SoBe '10 was yesterday, and it was a doozy. Eater Miami has a glorious photo gallery of the last hurrah of this year's fest, complete with snapshots of Paula Deen banging a tambourine, Boudain and Ripert making merry in matching outfits, and Rocco DiSpirito hanging out with yet another animal friend. [Eater Miami]

THE FUTURE — Conde Naste Traveler cooks up a list of future dining trends. According to their crystal ball, unattractive but delicious heritage foods will reign supreme, olive oil will be kicked to the curb, and brick and mortar restaurants will become a thing of the past. It's a chilling vision of food's not-to-distant future. [Conde Naste Travleer]

AMERICA — Serious Eats is taking a reader poll right now of worst restaurant names in the country. So far, early contenders for worst of the worst include Blunch, Strip-T's, and Crapitto's Cucina. [SE]

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