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Zagat-Foursquare Deal: Going Out Just Got A Lot More Fun

Today, the Times' Bits blog reports that Zagat is teaming up with Foursquare to enhance the game play element of the social networking site with Zagat badges, and related interactive content. The shorthand is that in addition to earning Zagat "Foodie" badges by checking into Zagat-rated restaurants, Foursquare users will also receive review content from Zagat on places that they have checked into. There's some nice synergy there, as Foursquare already serves as a nightlife guide to many of its users. Says Ryan Charles, a Zagat Product Manager, of the deal:

"We saw thousands of Foursquare users checking in to Zagat-rated restaurants, and saw an opportunity to present content to them as well as engage them in game-play."
The Zagat deal will also offer Foursquare die-hards something far, far more valuable than restaurant recs, or more badges: Potential Internet Fame.

That's right, as a part of the new deal, Zagat is launching a "Meet The Mayor" component to their site, that will feature video interviews with Foursquare users who have achieved Mayorship at a Zagat-rated restaurant. So, all those Foursquare users out there who love to gloat about their mayor status may now be able to have their bragging rights broadcast across web, in video form. Just think: you could become a media-world star, just by going to a restaurant more times than anyone else!
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