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Scenes From Across America of the Denny's Freebie Bonanza

As the American public learned on Super Bowl Sunday, Denny's gave away free Grand Slam meals from 6AM to 2PM today. That's two eggs, two sausages, two bacon strips, and two pancakes, baby. The promo is one of those things that a portion of the population mocks, but lo and behold, every year, it gets lines wrapping around the block for a $5 discount. The SF Appeal's live blog coverage can break down the details of what exactly is involved in the event—from the cop stationed there to the generous amounts of syrup— but if that's not enough, there's an entire gallery above of today's nationwide chaos, from rainy LA to Daytona Beach.
· Liveblogging My Free Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's [SFA]

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