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Man V. Food Live! Publicity Machine Keeps On Chugging

While last night may have been a big night for Lost fans, tonight is another television event that promises to be equally exciting to fans and confusing to outsiders: the premiere of Man V. Food Live! That's right, tonight Adam Richman's competitive eating free-for-all returns to the Travel Channel, with a Super Bowl themed tour of Miami eats, followed by the much hyped live on-stage eating challenge, where Richman will attempt to eat a 48 oz. steak in front of his adoring public. The Travel Channel has been heavily promoting this special for weeks now, but things have really kicked into overdrive in the last few days. On to the recent developments:

In addition to having Adam Richman stop by ESPN to hype up the show, the Travel Channel releaed another video in their "Babe v. Food" series. This new one features a babe in a Man. V. Food Bikini trying to down three vanilla milkshakes in three minutes -- you can use your imagination to figure out what happens (or go here). Today, Adam Richman also sits down with 411Mania to explain the significance of the live element of tonight's premiere:

Travel Channel has had live specials on their series before- Ghost Adventures has done live episodes – and this seemed like a good fit since the challenges have a really infectious party energy and everyone is constantly asking me how they can show up and be a part of things. This is a way to bring the challenges to everyone. Because of the competitive nature of the challenges it seemed natural to tie it in to Super Bowl week in Miami.
For those fans that can't make it down to Miami for the live spectacle, the Travel Channel has set up a competitive eating photo contest, where winning photos will air during the show tonight.

So, basically, if you like food, sports, Adam Richman, Miami, or America, you have at least some reason to tune in tonight at 9pm.

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