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David Chang Solves the Hot Dog Crisis, Feds OK Tip Pools

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AMERICA—Earlier this week, the the American Academy of Pediatrics called for a redesign and reimagining of the hot dog, because right now, hot dogs kill too many people. Vanity Fair asked some chefs how they would face the hot dog menace. David Chang's sensible solution: "Make it into a square: It’s a sausage so you can make it into any shape you want, like a large bologna sandwich." [VF]

EATER BOOK CLUB—A new book called Culinary Careers is headed for bookshelves, and in it, the author (Rick Smilow, president and chief executive of ICE) talks chef salaries: While the nation's top chefs can earn up to six-figures, it's not all like that: "Graham Elliot Bowles, a chef-owner of Graham Elliot in Chicago, said cooks in Chicago on average earn around $30,000, with chefs earning about twice that amount." [NRN]

INDUSTRY—Speaking of restaurants and money, a federal appeals court ruled today that restaurants can have tip pool requiring servers to share tips with kitchen staff as long as the restaurant pays more than the minimum wage. [AP]

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