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Restaurant Awesomely Refuses Service to Stingy Tipper

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In North Carolina, a Benihana-esque restaurant called Kampai Japanese Steak and Seafood House has actually banned a woman from coming into the restaurant based on the simple fact that waiters and chefs are not willing to serve her .... because she is a bad tipper. In what seems like the fantasy of every server who has ever been stiffed on a tip, the restaurant claims that the woman in question—a Ms. Monica Covington—has been in multiple times since 2008 and tipped poorly each time, and now they've had enough. (Common Sense 101: tip well at places where you're a regular). In retaliation for the ban, the lady—who is very strongly opposed to tipping 18%—has started a petition to boycott the restaurant. She'll show them.
· Customer Dubbed Poor Tipper Refused Service [KTVU]

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