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Miami Lawyer Ready to Bring the Ammo Against Yelp

The Miami New Times gets a hold of the Florida lawyer who is heading the big Yelp lawsuit. In a note to the Miami newspaper, this Jared Beck lawyer fellow rehashes most of the allegations that came out yesterday about the (alleged) extortion scheme, but two important points deserve highlighting here:

1) He claims that they looked into the pay-to-play accusations that are at the heart of the lawsuit (i.e., pay them money and Yelp will tweak reviews), and despite what Stoppelman claims, the investigators "realized it wasn't a rogue sales rep, but a company-wide practice. "

2) The prosecution knows that the well-financed Yelp will bring high-powered lawyers to the table and Beck and co. seem ready to counter: "Since filing it, we have been inundated with calls from around the country by people claiming the same kind of conduct ... Ultimately, when you go up against a well-capitalized firm like Yelp, you want to bring as much manpower as possible to the plaintiff's side." In this case, Beck thinks filing it as a class-action lawsuit could pay dividends. Stay tuned...
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