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Best Cook Determined on Worst Cooks In America

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Last night Worst Cooks in America, the Food Network's brief experiment in "bad cooking is good television" came to an end. Rachel Coleman, a web editor from Brooklyn was declared the show's winner after just seven episodes.

Throughout the show's brief run, it seemed like the editors tried to depict Rachel as a hapless nerd both inside and outside the kitchen, while she actually came across as not only the most likable contestant, but also the most resourceful and fun. Basically, if Worst Cooks gets picked up for a second season, they could use a lot more Rachels rounding out the cast. In addition to taking home the whopping $25,000 prize, Coleman's experience on the show was valuable in one other way:

"Now that I won, I am so ecstatic. I feel like I've finally proven to everyone, and most importantly myself that I'm an adult, I can take care of myself. That's why I came here. It was a total success."
If you're jonesing for more Worst Cooks action, please to check out Serious Eats' interview with show host Anne Burrell, who discusses what it was like schooling those sorry contestants in the ways of the kitchen, as well as how she manages to juggle three Food Network shows at once.
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