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Last Night's Episode of No Reservations: Just The One-Liners

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Last night’s episode of No Reservations saw Tony Bourdain stumbling around Prague, drinking beer and eating many, many different kinds of pig parts. The food in last night’s episode was the least camera-friendly of the season so far, but Tony happily plowed through all of it, even at times to the disgust of his hosts. Naturally, liberal amounts of Czech ale and pork products bring out the poet in Tony B. On to The Quotable Bourdain from last night's episode; don't forget to add your favorite zingers in the comments:

1) On a nose-to-tail dinner: “Every time someone kills a pig in Europe, there's always drinks and snacks.”
2) On his lunch of beer and pig knuckle: “Yeah, I'm going to be feeling funky fresh when I flop into bed later? and flatulent."
3) On visiting a late night sausage cart: “I'm all blissed out by this amazing wall of wieners!"

4) On a fried cheese sandwich: “It may seem like a small thing to you, but to me, it's an answered prayer.”
5) On eating a pig’s foot:” I really just want to curl up with this in a corner and gnaw on this like a dog.”
6) On a Czech cheese: “I’m loving this, but if I woke up in the morning really hungover smelling this? I’d hate myself.”
7) On late night eats “I think that's true the world, round -- when they kick you out of a regular restaurant, there's always meat in a tube form.”
8) On standing in front of a steaming pot of pig parts: “I'm having a pork sauna -- is this wrong?”
9) On a house-made sausage: “I feel exactly like this sausage, filled with fat and pork, and over brimming at both ends.”

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