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The Lighter Side of Jose Andres; Food Wars Get Heated

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In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, a very silly Jose Andres makes dessert with his kids on the Today Show, Julie Powell talks about the success of her blog-to-book-to-movie, Gordon Ramsay mercilessly teases a New Zealand talk show host, and much, much more !

1) Jose Andres Makes A Dessert With a Box Grater: In a web-exclusive for the Today Show, a very silly Jose Andres makes a dessert called "Vermont Snow" with his adorable young daughters. What a card:

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2) Gordon Ramsay Mocks New Zealand Celeb:Gordon Ramsay and his assistant went on a tour of New Zealand a while back. In the clip below Ramsay does a TV cooking segment with Kiwi mega star Paul Holmes, decides he doesn't like him, and then spends the rest of the trip busting his chops on various TV shows:

3) Julie Powell Talks About Writing and the Success of Julie And Julia: In the clip below, Julie Powell talks about the insane success of Julie and Julia, her new book about butchering, and her thoughts on Meryl Streep playing Julia Child:

4) New Food Wars Preview: If you haven't been able to grasp the concept behind the Travel Channel's new eating competition show, Food Wars, this recently released extended trailer gives you a pretty good idea of what it's all about. Food wars are tearing towns apart!:

5) Hooters CEO Works On a Street Team: Earlier today we heard about the Hooter's episode of CBS's Undercover Boss. Here's an extended clip of Hooters CEO Coby Brooks working on a Hooters street team and learning about people's perceptions of the restaurant, first hand.

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