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Ferran Adria May or May Not Be Indecisive

Late Friday, the Times reported that Ferran Adria had changed his mind about his El Bulli hiatus and instead, the world's best chef had decided to shutter his restaurant permanently.

Or not. Soon thereafter, Adria told Spanish newspapers that the Times had misinterpreted the perma-shutter news. But then on Sunday, Adria spoke to the Times again to tell America that the interview was "accurate" but that he's still figuring out the details, saying that "to say that El Bulli is ‘to close permanently' ... implies that El Bulli will cease to have any activity after 2014 and that is not the case." Adria says that some meals will be served at the reopened El Bulli foundation, though their frequency is TBA. Everyone got that? In other words, everyone should simply check back in four years. Or maybe Adria will have another "announcement" in another two days or so.
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