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Alice Waters' New Book to be Called In The Green Kitchen

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Chez Panisse matron Alice Waters will release her next book in less than two months, and it will be called In The Green Kitchen. Taking the title from her Green Kitchen project that teaches "the art of simple cooking," the 160-page book itself will follow in that same pedagogical vein, featuring 30 basic cooking techniques and recipes like sauteeing greens to making chicken stock, much like Thomas Keller's holiday hit Ad Hoc at Home addressed a great deal of basic cooking tricks of the trade.

However, the twist is that the cookbook will take advantage of Alice's perch atop the American food chain (not to mention her ever-increasing celebrity), and each of the 30 techniques/recipes will be demonstrated by "chefs and friends of Alice." And it's a star-studded crew, led by top toques like Thomas Keller, Rick Bayless, Lidia Bastianich, and Dan Barber. It's due on bookshelves April 6.
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