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Arzak's SoBe Plans, Michael White Talks New Project, More!

MIAMIEater Miami has all kinds of details on the South Beach Wine & Food Festival appearance by star chef Juan Mari Arzak. He will be attending Dim Sum & Disco with Ming Tsai and also reportedly rolling with Arzak's entourage: Damian Garcia Puig, Ferran Adria's biz partner and director of media who "is looking for rest after the stressful days after Ferran dropped the El Bulli bomb." [EaterWire]

NEW YORKMichael White gives Eater NY the full breakdown of his upcoming trattoria. It will be an "Italian version of a truck stop," serve simple/rustic fare focused on Emilia Romagna, and have no resys or tablecloths. White and his team have already been scavenging Italian flea markets and buying up parts of farmhouses from the 1700s (!) to outfit the space. [Eater NY]

LOS ANGELES—Don't look now, but even Mark Dacascos—better known as The Chairman on Iron Chef America—is getting followed around by paparazzi. Oh, society. [CBS]

BOURDAINLAND—Tony Bourdain divulges the real, simple reasons for his speaking tour across America: "It's just spectacularly profitable, and I essentially just go out there and talk sh** off the top of my head for an hour ... I'm kind of writing books in my head as I'm doing the speaking engagement -- sort of trying out material." [AOL]

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