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Kimchi Chronicles: Marja Vongerichten Eats South Korea

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Marja Vongerichten and Heather Graham.
Marja Vongerichten and Heather Graham.
Photo: Frappe Inc.

In The Kimchi Chronicles, a new PBS series premiering in January from Spain - On The Road Again producer Charles Pinsky, Marja Vongerichten explores the cuisine of Korea. A preview of the series shows the half-Korean Vongerichten eating dishes like four-year-old kimchi with guest stars chef Jean Georges Vongerichten (who also happens to be her husband) and actress Heather Graham. Vongerichten is working on a cookbook to accompany the show that will be released in August of 2011 called The Kimchi Chronicles: Rediscovering Korean Cooking for an American Kitchen (preorder on Amazon).

Graham, meanwhile, mentioned that she was surprised by how safe, "affluent, gorgeous, and cosmopolitan Korea is." Also, "the women dress gorgeously." Now you know!

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