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Creepy Millionaire Torments Date w/ Fermented Duck Embryo

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On last night's episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, creepy millionaire David took his date Ilene to New York Vintners in New York under the guise of "spoiling her with a meal from the heavens," but really all he wanted to was make her as uncomfortable as possible. On the menu (that he created) was an uni shooter and balut, aka fermented duck embryo. Maybe it's fine for people like Andrew Zimmern, but seriously guys, don't do this on the first date!

"My plan is to test her palate and see what kind of food she can enjoy and see just how refined she is," David explained. Aghast, she refused to drink the uni shooter, even though he creepily intoned, "You can, and you will." She also refused to eat the balut. He was disappointed. Later, back at office, matchmaker Patti Stanger lost her mind on David for freaking out his date with the "creepy embryo bullshit" and kicked him out.

Video: Grossout

Video: Patti Loses It

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New York Vintners

21 Warren Street New York, NY 10007