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Man v Food Reborn as Man v Food Nation

In the grand battle that was Man v Food, it appears as though food has won. After three seasons, Adam Richman is taking a break from being Man v Food's sole culinary conqueror, and instead will be hosting a new show called Man v Food Nation. The Travel Channel is holding an open audition for people to pitch their city/mug to be featured in an episode of the show and "experience a Man v. Food challenge." So like, take Richman on a tour of their city? Compete against him? Eat him?!

Anyway, all you have to do is submit a video on YouTube talking about why you love your city and its food. See the official rules and check out Richman's example tape below if you're interested.

Or maybe David Letterman wins? That's two points so far to the talkshow host for victory over gluttonous food shows since he started ranting about their existence with some regularity, for those of you keeping track. (The other point being for Aces of Cakes' cancellation.)

Video: Man v. Food Nation Online Casting Call

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