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HAMDAS-R: The Knife-Wielding, Ham De-Boning Robot

Here's a video of the HAMDAS-R robot from Mayekawa Manufacturing that automates the process of deboning ham. Butchery is one of those skills that, until now, required the precision of costly humans, and here's the first step in replacing them. Says Mayekawa's website: "After auto-loading pig's thigh deboned hip bone, the vertical multi-joint robot cuts meat along the bone and debones calf bone and thigh bone."

Also: Has anyone thought about the ramifications of giving an army of robots sharp knives? In the video the rep keeps talking about "irregularly shaped, soft items." Aren't we all? Aren't we all!

We've got robot waiters and robot ice cream vendors, guess we add butchers to the list now, too.

Video: Automatic Ham Boning Robot

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