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2010: A Year in the Life of José Andrés

It's no secret that we're big fans of chef José Andrés around these parts, but this year was especially exciting for the Spanish-born chef. He expanded his restaurant empire! Taught at Harvard! Saved octopi! Got profiled on 60 Minutes and dressed as Super Mario for Halloween. Our favorite Andrés moments of 2010 are below; may 2011 be a banner year for you once again, chef.

That's Professor Andrés to You:
Andrés (along with chefs like Ferran Adrià, David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, Dan Barber, and others) lectured as part of the Harvard Science & Cooking course this past semester. He also took some good-natured ribbing from us on his professorial aspirations.

Meat is Boring, Vegetables Are Sexy
In 2010, Andrés became bored with meat and started promoting the wonder of vegetables. Bring on Haute Vegetarian cuisine!

The Chef As Activist
Many chefs advocated nutrition in 2010, thanks to the White House food initiatives, and Andrés was right in the thick of it. He also spoke at the Economist's The World in 2011 conference about the importance of food politics.

The Spanish Chef and the World Cup
2010's World Cup tournament saw many national allegiances come out of the woodwork, and Andrés wore Spain's jersey proudly while making international treats on Craig Ferguson. When Paul the psychic octopus predicted a victory for Spain in the semi-finals, Andrés vowed to stop serving the sea creature at his restaurants.

José Andrés' Expanding Empire
What's a celebrity chef without a slew of restaurants in multiple cities? This year, Andrés expanded his empire, which already had locations in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, to Las Vegas and Miami.

Don't You Dare Call Him a Molecular Gastronomist
If there's a sure way to get on Andrés' bad side, it's by using the M-word. Unfortunately, a Feast reporter and LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold found that out the hard way.

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