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The Food Network Cruise Is "Absolutely VIP All The Way"

You won't find any spam and pop-tart sandwiches on this cruise, no sir: the Food Network cruise is "just absolutely VIP all the way." Well, at least according to the commercial below.

Actually, it's a vision of water-borne hell where retirees get cooking tips from Food Network guy Aarón Sanchez, participate in cooking competitions, and receive branded gifts every night (Food Network flip-flops! his and hers tote bags!) as they putter about the Caribbean. They also got to do things like spread things on toast (crostini, how fancy). Apparently each guest arrived "like a star via red carpet and [had] a photo taken with Cat Cora and Aarón Sanchez as they [entered] the private party." A recipe for sea sickness if there ever was one.

Video: Food Network at Sea

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