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The Top Ten Max Silvestri Animated Top Chef Gifs of 2010

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Comedian Max Silvestri valiantly struggles through every episode of Top Chef to recap it just for you. In 2010, the poor guy went through the entirety of Top Chef DC and the first few episodes of All-Stars. And while he's at it, he catches poignant, little moments that you wouldn't notice watching in real time, and then he produces some brilliant animated gifs. Below, the top ten Max Silvestri animated Top Chef gifs of 2010, in no particular order:

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 4:

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 3:

Top Chef D.C. Episode 8: Epcot Center:

Top Chef D.C. Episode 5: Crabshoot:

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 2: Pajama Party:

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 1: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Blais:

Top Chef D.C. Episode 3: Unchain My Wallet: (a goose poops on Gail)

Top Chef D.C. Episode 7: He Who Peas Wins: (who is this again?)

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 4: Cheffi Graf Versus Meat Sampras:

Top Chef D.C. Episode 13: It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Singapore (What?): (not exactly an animated gif)

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