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José Andrés Objects to Jonathan Gold's Use of "Molecular"

Chef José Andrés really, really does not like the term "molecular gastronomy," and woe be to anyone who uses it around him. Earlier this fall, he unleashed some serious culinary philosophy on a reporter who uttered those words, and now he's getting in friendly Twitter spats with Los Angeles Weekly critic Jonathan Gold about it.

After Gold tweeted a link to his write up of New York restaurant Scarpetta in which he referenced molecular gastronomy, Andrés protested, claiming that it's a journalist-created term. He tweeted: "No one cooks molecular, writers and critics write molecular!"

It goes on from there; even French food scientist/philosopher/author of a whole book titled Molecular Gastronomy Hervé This gets dragged into it. While Andrés doesn't necessarily provide an alternative term, Gold vows to banish the term from his vocabulary, replacing it with "hydrocolloid-obsessive." The full back-and-forth, below.








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