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Daniel Boulud on Charlie Rose on the State of French Cuisine

Dimpled coq monsieur Daniel Boulud sat at a wooden table last night with intense looking (he looks intensely) television host Charlie "St. Cloud" Rose, Howdy Doody-esque chef Patrick O'Connell of The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia and Jonathan Cartwright of the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, ME to tout American cuisine and promote the cookbooks 85 Inspirational Chefs and Chefs At Home.

Rose rose to the occasion and delved deep into the perennial question (see part 3): Whither goest French Cuisine? You'll remember a recent row on same subject. Unsurprisingly, Monsieur Boulud thinks French Cuisine is the foundation of all cuisine, but that its generative success has been so abundant that its children (America, Denmark, etc) have obscured its primacy.

To put it into terms any Frenchman would understand, French cuisine is a stale baguette. A stale baguette covered in mold. So covered in mold this baguette, the baguette looks like a mold torpedo. Nary a surface of this baguette is not covered in mold. One might think there is no baguette there. But, alors, regardez bien, ma petite choux, the baguette is the source of all mold.

Patrick O'Connell, the man whose face most embodies America since John F. Kennedy, thinks slowly slowly American cuisine is on the rise. He duly notes his kitchen is made up of people who could have been doctors, brain surgeons and scientists had they chosen not to go into cuisine. Mothers of America, succor yourselves on that knowledge.

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