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Sesame Street's Super Foods Muppets to Save America's Chubby Children

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The Super Foods: Banana, Whole-Grain Roll, Broccoli and Cheese.
The Super Foods: Banana, Whole-Grain Roll, Broccoli and Cheese.

Introducing the Super Foods, the new healthy food muppets that intend to sing and dance American youth to healthier nutrition choices. Starring in an educational video as well as the December 8th episode of Sesame Street, the characters encourage Elmo and company to eat better; apparently, Cookie Monster has already been convinced that cookies are just a "sometimes food."

The "super foods" — a banana, a wedge of cheese cheese, a whole-grain roll, and a head of broccoli — will use the power of song and dance to encourage kids to quit eating Twinkies and instead, um, eat their brethren? Sadly, the food Muppets aren't joining the official Sesame Street cast, but they will be featured on a December show.

The video is part of the Food for Thought: Eating Well on a Budget program put on by the Sesame Workshop, the non-profit branch of the TV show. Chef Art Smith is featured in a budgeting segment of the video in which he teaches Elmo how to make a chicken and spinach stir fry. Smith declared Elmo to be a foodie, saying "He's got the most amazing food vocabulary." Puppets now come with food vocabularies, we guess!

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