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Nightline Talks to a Michelin Inspector, Director Jean-Luc Naret, and Eric Ripert

In a rare televised interview, Nightline's Bill Weir talked to an anonymous Michelin inspector who had her face blurred out and chose to go by the single letter "M." They discuss the similarities between reviewing restaurants and judging dog shows, and the lonely life of the Michelin critic, who usually dines solo. Ain't no thing to M, though: "When you're really, really into food, everything else that's going on around you isn't so important."

Weir also spoke with Michelin Guide director Jean-Luc Naret about the guide's exacting standards. Naret says there are only two types of cuisine: "The bad one, and the good one. We only recommend the good one." They also go to Le Bernardin to talk to Eric Ripert, who tells a story about how a lucky card led to his three Michelin stars (or possibly the stars led him to the card).

Nightline: Michelin Inspectors: Food Industry Spies

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