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The Winner of McDonald's "Legends of McRib" Video Contest

Here's the winning entry from McDonald's user-generated "Legends of McRib" video contest — it's by Sawyer Frye from North Carolina who won $10,000 and a McRib-filled trip to Germany in 2011, the only place in the world serving McRib sandwiches all year long. His video, titled "The Legend of the Last McRib," is a story about how he went on a multi-year journey to find the last McRib because they'd all been eaten and the recipe was stolen. And it took him years to travel from Central America until he finds a McRib buried in a forest in Canada? Those are some mighty preservatives! "The legend was real," he says in the video. The ribs, alas, were not.

Video: The Ultimate Legend of McRib

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