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Restaurants Keeping Customer Dossiers on OpenTable

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OpenTable is not just for making reservations: restaurants can use the website to keep a profile on their customers, and, while mostly the notes are about birthdays, anniversaries, allergies or specific tastes, sometimes they're not entirely benign. Waiter Rant writer and former server Steve Dublanica says that in his experience restaurants used codes — "B.T." for "bad tipper" and "B.B." for "big bitch," for example — because customers would peer over the host's stand to see what was written about them. A slight improvement over simply printing "This gal is a bitch" on the receipt and handing it to the customer, we suppose.

Of course, OpenTable is not the only way restaurants are tracking customer data, like this fall when Eleven Madison Park treated a customer to burgers after he tweeted that he considered his airport Burger King lunch "an amuse-bouche" for his meal at the New York restaurant. The dawn of the new Big Brother era of restaurants?

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