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All Foodie Clichés Began in the 1980s and Other Lessons

Google recently introduced Ngram, a program that allows users to search 500 billion words in 5.2 million books between 1500 to 2008. So after we spent the weekend performing the obvious searches, we got down to serious business.

Cook v. Chef
Conclusion: Many are those who can cook, but few are those that deserve the title chef. [NB: Usage gap may also be due to the word cook being both a noun and a verb but...nah.]

Pizza, Burger, Obese
Conclusion: In the late nineties and early aughts, the popularity of pizza and obese coincided exactly. Therefore, pizza leads to obesity. Burgers, on the other hand, seem completely salutary.

Sinfully Delicious v. Decadent Dessert
Conclusion: Food clichés, these among them, seemed to really take off in the eighties. It's also interesting to note the first use of Sinfully Delicious was in a cookbook from the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church cookbook from Hillsdale, NJ.

Simply Delicious v. Deliciously Simple
Conclusion: Simply Delicious really took off in 1880, thus supporting the conclusion above. Also, deliciousness is more popular than simplicity.

Foodie v. Gastronome
Conclusion: Foodie is like the Eagles of food terminology and Gastronome is like the Giants. What a disaster.

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