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"Team Obama Food Police" Video Critiques Michelle Obama

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More from the frontlines of the Food Culture Wars: this time, YouTube user RobtKraft has created the video below decrying "Team Obama Food Police" and the new Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. First Lady Michele Obama is pictured in a variety of situations and captioned as saying things like "Eat it!" and "Obey me!" (In Comic Sans, no less!).

There's also a photoshopped picture of her chokeholding Cookie Monster, forcing him to eat a carrot? Which seems like a not very First Lady kind of thing to do. The whole thing is set to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" and includes clips of Obama talking about how in the new food regime, you have to eat your vegetables. Or else!

As the user who created the video deleted the original — writing in a comment on the newly uploaded version: "Yestersday [sic], after being viciously attacked by the Obama Foodorama blog and friend of the Obamas I thought it best to delete them" — here's a permanent, archived version:

Video: Team Obama Food Police

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