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Chang, Barber, and Dufresne Lecture at Harvard

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More videos of chefs from the Harvard Cooking & Science Lecture Series: David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, and Dan Barber all stop by Cambridge to talk shop. First, David Chang lectured on the dangers of expansion and about questioning the broth-making techniques he learned at culinary school while exploring new ways to make soups and stocks.

Chang also talked buzzwords: "Molecular gastronomy... is a total bullshit word because it's just a marketing term. Everything is gastronomy. I wish I did better in school because I would have a better understand of what is going on. And now I'm reading textbooks." An hour in, microbiologists explain how they identified the Momofuku bushi fungus.

Dan Barber, who may agree with Chang on molecular gastronomy, talked about the importance of simplicity in foods and sets his food up in opposition of other lecturers in the series like Ferran Adrià and José Andrés. Last up, Wylie Dufresne talked about the magic of meat glue.

Science and Cooking Lecture Series: David Chang

Science and Cooking Lecture Series: Dan Barber

Science and Cooking Lecture Series: Wylie Dufresne

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