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Sarah Palin Is a Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Among the ten thousand things that are infuriating and puzzling about this clip from Sarah Palin's television show Sarah Palin's Alaska — 3 minutes and 43 seconds of gawping and gaping and wonder that this woman came close to inhabiting the White House and might yet still! — is Sarah Palin piss-poor job as a waitress at a place called Peggy's which has been around since before Alaska was a state. [Of course Alaska has only been a state since 1959.]

In short, Palin spends time with her daughter Piper, just the two of them, and wants to bond and so she takes her to a restaurant... and puts her to work. FUN! "I want to just show Piper what it's like to work on your feet all day and work extremely hard and wait on other people," says the former Governor of Alaska.

And of course that means the kid — who seems well-reasoned and perhaps for that reason adopted — has to watch Mama Palin pal around with customers and totally screw up their orders and sign sundry items while old men with beards slip Piper — the kid — dollar bills which she then slips surreptitiously to her mom. It's like Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore but much more sad. Ultimately, it is Piper that learns something: "Mom's doing horrible as a waitress. I wouldn't tip her because she spends too much time at the table talking."

Video: Sarah Palin Waitresses

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Peggy's Restaurant

1675 East 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK