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A 47-Top Asks For Separate Checks AND Uses Groupon

If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you've had them: huge, boisterous groups that take up your entire section, demand special treatment, and stay forever. Server Not Servant hears tell of a particularly atrocious large group: a 47-top of college students celebrating the end of finals dropped into an unnamed Boston restaurant unannounced, ate, and then informed their server they wanted separate checks.

Not only that, but that most of them wanted to use a Groupon deal that specified only one deal per table per meal. Turns out they thought the separate checks would qualify them as separate tables. (It didn't work that way.)

In the end, they worked out an arrangement that satisfied both the restaurant staff and the group, and still came up $60 short. One of the students ponied up the dough and the manager comped his after-lunch drinks. Not too shabby, considering the alternative.

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