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A Completely Scientific Timeline of Violence and Food

View larger. [Illustration: Joshua David Stein]

Headlines — ours and the headlines of others — have recently been overtaken with tales of violence and war, much of it occasioned by food-borne conflict. A piece of fried chicken leads to an assault. The butter v. margarine debate to a knifing.

This is indeed shocking but whether it is war in its most narrowly defined sense, or war in the vague George W. Bush-ian sense, food has always been the seed of conflict from Adam and Eve at the Eden branch of Whole Foods, arguing in the Express Lane, to Martin Luther getting his bloomers in a bunch about wafers to cousins Rick and Gino fighting over the real Philly cheesesteak. [NB: This is just a sheet of paper on my scanner so if you have any suggestions, leave 'em in comments or email and I'll pen them in.] Click the image above to see the full version.

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