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Eric Ripert Drops the Hammer on Elia Aboumrad

Ignore Blue Oyster Cult: Fear the Ripert! A couple of weeks ago, fiery Mexican Elia Aboumrad was eliminated from Top Chef All-Stars for serving bad food. Then: A-BOUM-rad goes the dynamite. Elia talked some serious smack against Tom Colicchio. Then Colicchio responded and the guy's from Jersey so you know he can talk shit real good.

And now, in his Antibean accent, the man many consider the hottest chef in the world, Eric Ripert, recorded a funnily jihad-ist looking message to Elia. Earlier Ripert told us he doesn't get angry but he seems pretty steamed in this movie. At one point he says, "I dare you to question the integrity of Tom Colicchio, really." Then he goes after her molé. It's some straight-up Old Testament wrath and if you look closely you can see he's blinking in Morse code. He's saying, "Elia, you will never work in any kitchen in the world ever again."

Video: A Message to Elia

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