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How to Pronounce Saveur (Hint: Rhymes With "Cat Fur")

An important question got answered today on the internet: How to properly pronounce "Saveur." In a video posted by Saveur, a bunch of people tried to do it, including Salon's Francis Lam, Eater's head honcho Lockhart Steele, and Stephanie Izard of Chicago's Girl and the Goat.

Luckily Saveur's Editor-in-chief James Oseland knew the answer (one would only hope!). He laid it down, explaining that it "rhymes with cat fur." This is the sort of thing you can't unhear! So here now, a photoshopped mockup of Cat Fur magazine. A larger version, and the video, are below:

Cat Fur Magazine


Video: How do you pronounce SAVEUR?

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