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Why Your Waiter Hates You, Digitally Animated

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People have been using the online movie maker Xtranormal to all kinds of delightful ends — see this video about getting a career as a journalist — and here's one that points out bad behavior from restaurant customers. Hey, it's healthier than other methods of server stress relief we can think of.

Anyway, in the video below, a poor server is tortured by an insane customer who asks for salmon (even though it's not on the menu), tries to split a steak (each half cooked differently), complains that the steak tastes like shoe leather (after sending it back twice), lies about being in a rush (to get their food faster), and asks what a baked potato is. Priceless: when the waiter also tells the patron that her bad joke is "stupid, not a joke, and not funny."

Video: Why Your Waiter Hates You, Part 3

There are many " Why Your Waiter Hates You" videos on YouTube, and we've watched a lot of them. Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, and Part 9 are also Eater-approved for your consumption.

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