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The Runner-Up on Hell's Kitchen Is an Awful Sore Loser

Congratulations to Nona Sivley (a sous chef from Georgia) who defeated Russell Kook (a sous chef from Chicago) to win Hell's Kitchen season eight. She wins the position of head chef at Kerry Simon's LA Market (in the JW Marriott hotel at L.A. LIVE), which comes with a $250,000 salary. Pretty sweet.

But Mr. Kook was not happy about losing. Instead of placing the blame on himself, he blamed his team of cooks — comprised of this season's previous contestants. Said Kook on the show: "I'm pissed. I'm not happy at all... I chose the team that I wanted, and I thought they would help me win, and in fact, they helped me lose. So thanks a lot guys... I felt like I was getting sabotaged." And watch out you contestants that screwed him, because no one crosses Russell Kook: "You will never get a job in a city I work. I'm gonna definitely blackball you guys, because you guys fucked me so royally tonight."

Video: Russell Kook Is a Sore Loser

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