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Amy Sedaris and Tom Colicchio's Blind Taste Test

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On Bravo's aftershow Watch What Happens Live, comedian/cookbook author Amy Sedaris and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio got together to dish on All-Stars and play a blind taste test game. Sedaris went first, wearing a pink satin blindfold with images of Real Housewife of New York Ramona Singer's eyes on the outside. Sure! Colicchio fed her foods one might find at his restaurants: prosciutto, pate, and celery. Celery?

Anyway, Colicchio goes next, and Sedaris tells him he looks hot in his googly-eye blindfold. Then she proceeds to feed him what he guesses to be "some kind of doodle" (cheese puffs), "a hot dog thing" (a hot dog), and "lobster bisque" (clam chowder). Despite getting a few wrong, Colicchio is declared the winner and gets a set of champagne flutes for his troubles.

Video: WWHL Snack Down!

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