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GQ's Alan Richman Names Ten Best New Restaurants of 2010

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Food writer and very unanonymous altacocker Alan Richman has named his 10 Best New Restaurants for GQ, and the list is full of surprises. The unexpected toppings on the pizza at Flour & Water in San Francisco, the at-first unimpressive but transformative Tasting Room in Venice, California, and the incongruity of finding great sushi at Uchiko in Austin, Texas.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is Richman's inclusion of New York's Lincoln, which he calls "America's Most Intelligent Italian Restaurant." Other New York critics, who, on average, have given Lincoln between one and two stars, might argue with Richman on that one. The full list is below.

1. Lincoln, New York
2. Flour & Water, San Francisco
3. The Kitchen at Brooklyn Fare, New York
4. The Tasting Kitchen, Venice, California
5. Grüner, Portland, Oregon
6. The Walrus and the Carpenter, Seattle, Washington
7. Uchiko, Austin, Texas
8. Menton, Boston, Massachusetts
9. Commis, Oakland, California
10. Longman & Eagle, Chicago

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Lincoln, New York. [Photo: -ENY-]