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First Look: The Printed Version of Modernist Cuisine

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There she blows.
There she blows.
Photo: The Cooking Lab, LLC.

That, friends, is Modernist Cuisine in all her acrylic cased glory. Yes, we are talking about a book like it's a ship. This is the first photograph of the fabled $625 cookbook (well actually $450 at Amazon). The five volumes above are printed on 128 gsm weight matte finished paper that is coated with a varnish. ("Any­thing heav­ier would have resulted in books that would require an assis­tant to read.") They used a stochastic screen­ing process to print it, which only became commercially viable recently and produces incredibly realistic images.

Not pictured: an included Kitchen Manual which is kitchen-friendly and will contain "easy-to-use, con­densed ver­sions of many of the para­met­ric, exam­ple, and plated-dish recipes" on "water­proof, tear-resistant syn­thetic paper." Check out co-author Nathan Myhrvold talking about the printing of Modernist Cuisine below.

Video: Nathan Myhrvold on Printing Modernist Cuisine

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