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Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Marry Rachael Ray's Cheeseburgers

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Rachael Ray was on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting her new book, Rachael Ray's Look & Cook, which also happens to be her 18th cookbook. 18 cookbooks! Anyway, they chat it up for awhile, Ray tells an endearing story about the first time she was on Oprah, and she does a bizarre (and sort of unfunny) wine show sketch with Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo.

Then, of course, they cook: chicken and smashed potatoes with a softball-sized hunk of camembert in them, and beer-braised bacon cheeseburgers that are so good Kimmel proposes. (Sadly, Ray is married). Check out the videos below.

Video: Rachael Ray on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Video: Rachael Ray on Guillermo's Show "The Splendid Grape"

Video: Rachael Ray and Jimmy Make Chicken and Double Bacon Beer-Braised Cheeseburgers

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