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A Three-Course Farewell to Four Loko at Philadelphia's Adsum

Soon, original formula Four Loko will be but a distant memory, and fans of the caffeinated malt liquor are saying goodbye in different ways. Chef Matt Levin of Philadelphia's Adsum, for example, decided to class it up by serving a three-course meal paired with Four Loko. [Ed note: Why not a four-course Four Loko dinner? A missed opportunity.] What started out as a Twitter joke soon grew to four seatings that sold out in minutes.

So, what goes with the fruity banned beverage? Moroccan lamb, barbecue, and vanilla pain perdu. Now you know what to make when you finally get around to cracking open those contraband Lokos you've been hoarding.

Here's a local news report covering the dinner:

Video: Four Loko for Dinner?

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Matt Levin and his Four Loko meal. [Photo: @cheflevin]


700 South 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147