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Hooters Opens in Japan Where, Amazingly, There Weren't Any

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Like a clockwork orange, Japanese Hooters girls move in perfect unison.
Like a clockwork orange, Japanese Hooters girls move in perfect unison.
Photo: Tokyo Scum Club /

Hooters is a chain restaurant in the United States in which waitresses wear clothing that accentuates both their breasts (as opposed to, I guess, one of them) and also their buttocks. There is little question that it objectifies women. Now there is a Hooters in Japan and the only thing more shocking than the fact that there is now a Hooters in Japan is that previously there wasn't a Hooters in Japan.

The article from which this post grows is an amazing first-person account by a ?????? named Paige Ferrari who actually trained as a Hooters girl in Japan. It's full of compelling and strange detail about Hooters, which essentially is like the Scientology of Beer and Tits. Moments like this one, during Hooters Girl Training Camp (!):

"This is your bible," a blonde trainer from Lawrenceville, Ga., said as training commenced, holding up a pamphlet called "Hooters Girl Image: Get the Look." The cover featured a well-built brunette hoisting a hula hoop. The trainer flipped to the hygiene section and intoned, "You need to shower every day."
The most fucked up thing is I bet the blonde Georgian capitalized bible when she was saying it. There's also this: "Japanese even has a derogatory term, hatomune desshiri, or "pigeon's chest," for a person whose chest sticks out too much, disturbing the kimono's pillar shape." Well, that seems to explain why Hooters hasn't opened in Japan previously. But I don't think — in my unexpert mind — that is why.

A wise man once said, "What makes Japanese pornography so disturbing is what makes their cuisine so amazing. It's an attention to detail." There are lots of tits to be seen in Tokyo. Many of them are intricately bound. Many of them are barely contained in impeccably realistic period detail. Many are found in the so-called "pink boxes" (no pun intended), the subject of an excellent 2006 monograph Pink Box: Inside Japan's Sex Clubs. But there — as in a place called "Green Gel Play Club" wherein women naked and languid lounge in tubs of green gel, there is a great deal of detail-oriented work that goes into it.

At Hooters, for chrissakes, all the women wear flesh-colored stockings and horrendous white jogging shoes. The cuisine is mediocre, the eroticism is second-rate and if there is any fetishization going on, it's of the West. But really, I think, it's those white jogging shoes. Somethings are too fucked up even for the Japanese.

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